Hello, my name is YOSHI.
In this article, I would like to introduce NFT Project called NAYUTA: Tokyo Dennou R. I hope you can enjoy this article.

※This article is allowed by TEAM NAYUTA.



NAYUTA: Tokyo Dennou R is an NFT project based on the art work of Steake Ninja Boy.

Here is a portion of the Genesis NFT that is currently being issued. As you can see at first glance, unique and attractive characters. A generative NFT collection is planned near future. Here is the link of Open Sea Genesis NFT.

Phase 1 Kick Off Event

NAYUTA has now completed Phase 0, initial phase to discuss the direction of the project, etc.

Before moving to the next Phase, Phase 1 Kick Off Event was held in Discord on August 18, 2022, and I would like to introduce that.


In the Phase 0,TEAM NAYUTA shared shared their thoughts on the project, their insights on generative projects, DAOs, marketing, etc.

I was lucky joined this community, and at first I was just reading the posts but gradually I was attracted into TEAM NAYUTA’s deep insights. And I started to participate in the discussion and expressed my own thoughts. As I repeated these discussions, my own thoughts has been deepened.

The information shared by TEAM NAYUTA is summarized in this NOTE (although this is Japanese).


At Phase 1, finally the worldview of NAYUTA will be revealed, which has been shrouded in mystery.

The contents related to NAYUTA world will be presented in Discord every Friday at 21:00, starting Friday, August 26.

Future Schedule

An overview of the generative projects sales was also presented.

The NFT will be released in two steps, as the first step NAYUTA BELIEF CARD will be issued. NAYUTA BELIEF CARD will become the White List (preferred purchase right) for the generative NFTs.

There are three thought in NAYUTA: PUNKS, EYES, and BOWS, and a generative NFTs related to each thoughts will be issued.

NAYUTA BELIEF CARD will be free-minted by acquiring the community roles of Primes and Composites, which are granted based on community discussions. If you are interested in the project, please try to join the Discord to obtain these roles.

Team Members

Here are the TEAM NAYUTA. Very strong team led by la_croix (Founder/Leader) was built. This team can reach out to not only Japanese community but also global community. Also a lot of members who work actively for oter famous NFT projects are participating.


I’m exited to see what kind of worldviews will be revealed near future.

Finally let me introduce the article by la_croix (Founder/Leader of NAYUTA) witch strongly attracted me.

Where there is a beginning, there is always an end.

Nothing is eternal. Where there is a beginning, there is always an end.

As Rengoku Kyojuro (Demon Slayer) said, “Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life.” An end is inevitable if you’re alive. But to make the most out of your life is entirely up to you. So with the limited time we have, we want to spend every moment together with this community to build the best version of NAYUTA:東京電脳R.

We must understand that the more time passes, the narrower the range of options for how to end. We cannot choose how to end just before it ends. Yes, we just started. But since we just started, we want to ponder upon how we want to end.

We want to end while we are loved, and continue to be loved.

“Love” alone is not enough, nor is “money” alone. We understand that we can be proud to say the project succeeded only when both are present.

We don’t know how long it will take to complete the NAYUTA:東京電脳R project. It may only take one year, or it may take more than ten years. In any case, we want to end it while we are loved and continue to be loved. This is how we want to end NAYUTA:東京電脳R.

by la_croix



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